Bridgette Monet and John Leslie

Bridgette Monet

There were two brunette adult film stars of the 1970s and 1980s who are still talked about. One was Annette Haven, the other Bridgette Monet. Bridgette was taller than Haven (or her other peers, for that matter. Just shy of six feet tall, Monet was a ball of fire in the adult film industry. She got her start doing nude modeling before starring in the short vignettes of the “Swedish Erotica” series. She got her big break in I Like to Watch (1982), and thereafter was afforded star billing for most of her career. Although she was blessed with breathtaking beauty, she had a horribly whiny voice that irritated many, and her acting skills were not particularly good, even by adult-film standards. She was also very selective about her co-stars, and after she became established, worked only with her real-life boyfriend David Cannon, even though she had done scenes with the likes of John Leslie, Mike Horner and Mike Ranger). Some of her most successful films include Talk Dirty to Me: Part 2 (1982), Stiff Competition (1986) and Girl from S.E.X. (1985). She left the industry in the mid-’80s to pursue a career as a medical doctor.