Chapter 19: Losing It to the Tubes

A live reading of Chapter 19: Losing It to the Tubes from my memoir, “Watching P*rn.” This is a look at how free, streaming p()rn websites have affected the adult entertainment industry since 2007, and how the company that owns most of them is like the Sauron of smut.
Plus, a quick look at how that same company—MindGeek—stands to gain from the UK age-verification system that was delayed AGAIN this week.

Links to resources, articles, & people mentioned in this chapter:

Check out the wonderful apexart, where my exhibition was held in 2012 and where amazing work continues to happen:

A look at why Mindgeek controlling the software used in the UK age-verification system is a bad idea, by Kristin Houser at Futurism:

An article about Mindgeek from David Auerbach published five years ago at Slate that continue to be excellent reporting and still really relevant:

Learn more about Nate Glass’s Takedown Piracy:

A stroll through P0rnhub Insights, which is SFW, is pretty interesting, but I won’t link to it here since technically it’s on an NSFW platform.

My 2010 interview with Debi Diamond:

Lance Hart, who is a sweetie, an entrepreneur, and a big-deal performer:

A Forbes interview with retired performer–turned author, Christopher Zeischegg (Danny Wylde):

Dr. Heather Berg’s 2016 study on adult performers’ need to diversify their incomes:

Nikki Darling, a wildly intelligent and wildly wonderful performer and activist:

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