How To Stay Calm And Relaxed During Sex

The bedroom is not the place for anxiety and stress, however when these feelings creep in it can be difficult relax and stay calm. In this video I want to give you some tools and tips for staying calm and relaxed in the bedroom.

This video is a reply to a viewer who is getting good at giving women orgasms, yet he still feels anxiety and stress during sex. Knowing what to do in these moments can be the difference between having an amazing experience or letting your mind get away with it’s self and self sabotaging yourself.

The first thing to tune into is your physical and mental state. You can shift your state by shifting your physiology, what you’re focusing on, and the meaning of the situation. Relaxing the body and breathing deep into your diaphragm is important because it’s almost impossible to feel stress or anxiety when the body is completely relaxed.

Most people carry so much foundational muscle tension that it can be difficult to relax the muscles completely. I recommend deep tissue massage, foam roller massage, or rumble roller massage to help work out that foundational stress in your muscles.

Meditation is an amazing tool for building the mental “muscle” to pull back into the present. Doing meditation regularly is an exercise of continuously bringing yourself back to the present over and over and in little time you will have an easier time becoming present. It also helps you disassociate with your fears and emotions so you can calm down.

Another tool for overcoming anxiety during sex is a supplement called phosphatidylserine. Phosphatidylserine will lower stress hormones and keep you relaxed. Think of it as training wheels to help you get a hold of your mental and physical state so you can stay calm during sex.

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