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How to talk break the ice and talk to anyone in this toolbox episode, we cover how important it is to meet new people and be comfortable with small-talk. Talking to people we don’t know can be uncomfortable and sometimes terrifying, so why is it so important that we become comfortable with it and overcome the fear, what does science say about the value of talking to strangers, and what can you do to become a master of meeting new people? Break the ice , talk. to anyone

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What to Listen For:
► Why is it easier for introverts to talk to strangers than friends and family members?
► Why is it scary for us to talk to people we don’t know and what can you do to overcome that fear?
► What is a digital device security blanket and how does it put a wall up around each of us?
► What does science say about the value of small talk with strangers and how can it prevent you from feeling isolated and disconnected from the world around you?
► Where is the best place to meet new people and what should you say when you introduce yourself?
► How do you use shared experiences to strike up a conversation with someone you know nothing about?
► When is it appropriate to compliment a stranger and how do you decide what to compliment someone on?
► What is a transactional question and how do you ask one without shutting down the conversation before it’s even begun?
► Can you ask too many questions in a conversation?

The more comfortable you are with talking to strangers, the greater your opportunities become. It’s a simple numbers game. If 1 out of every 100 people could connect you to a great job offer, a new friend, or a romantic partner, then doesn’t it stand that the more people you meet, the greater your chances become of landing your dream job, making new friends, and finding a great partner?

If you are uncomfortable with striking up a conversation with someone out of the blue, your connections and relationships will always be limited to the people already in your social circle and chance encounters (with people who do like striking up conversations with strangers). You only get one life – don’t leave your fate up to chance. Take control and go after what you want.

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