Lowell Online Parent Information Forum on Sex Education Being Taught in MA Schools

This video is packed with vital information that parents need to know about what is happening in MA public schools. It runs 1 hour and 20 minutes. Watch it in segments if you have to, but watch it you must. It includes:

— Important information regarding what Comprehensive Sexuality Education is and who is pushing it in our schools is included
— Actual exhibits and content from curriculum already being taught in districts across the state
— The ways that our children are being sexualized under the guise of “education”
— How MA students are being indoctrinated in dangerous, unscientific transgender ideology
— Details on the Sex-Ed Mandate legislation that has already passed the MA Senate
— Information on what you can do to protect your kids

Contact Massachusetts Informed Parents if you want to schedule a virtual event for your church, community, or parent group. Email massinformedparents@gmail.com.