#NEET 2020#Biology Paper#100% from #online #Crash course Lecture#All 38chapter done in just 45 days!

We started Biology Sprint Crash course on 6th july and by 10th September we finished it, (in approx 45 days only, remaining days there was no crash course class)

And we started with a vision of 88+ question in NEET 2020 from our crash course, but the results that came are quite astonishing..

90 out of 90 questions in NEET 2020 Biology paper came from Crash course, and most of them were pre-guessed by Dr. Aniket sir!!

and many students got fully benefited from this crash course..10+ of my students are securing 330+ in Biology paper!!

We are announcing new Repeaters/12th passout batch from 22sept. & 4 October both online & offline at Darbhanga!!

Note- All crash course videos on you tube has been locked to avoid misuse..but in case if u want to cross check us/want proof, u can comment and ask about any question(covering video) link !! We will definitely provide u video link with exact time at which that topic/question was pre-covered during crash course days!!


Dr. Aniket