Sofia Haron: Eve

In the fastidious world of Sofia Haron, the viewer is confronted by a pillage of intimacy awakening within her canvasses. Her female forms lustre upon sultriness set in dreamlike scape as their postures greeted us with unrestrained demure. In her debut solo, Sofia brings to attention the female forms as her narrative, drawing us closer to the being they were moulded to become, as she explores inept issues, be it her own concerns, or those that affects women as a whole. This fascination with women is tied to herself being a woman, waking up to her senses and discovering her own femininity, which ever since the beginning of mankind, has been conveniently typified as the weaker sex.

But is there a Lilith lurking behind every Eve that dances within the garden of Eden? It was a widespread folkloric belief that there were two discourses surrounding the origin of mankind. One believes that Lilith, a.k.a. succubus was made the same way Adam does, out of clay, and succubus was thought to be a lusty creature, stealing babies in the darkness. Succubus was also described as a self seeking vain pot, treacherous, proud and lazy, a carefree femme fatale who creates enmity within her surroundings. Lilith refuses to be subservient to men. As opposed to the submissive creature Eve was modelled to be. Eve, unlike Lilith, was formed by the ribs of men, and became his trustworthy companion in life.

In her paintings, Sofia Haron celebrates women in all its carefreeness but with a tinge of modesty. They are parlayed on a platter of lingerie-covered bareness yet, nothing sordid is revealed. Felinity seems to be floating on a cloud of ruffles as they exude a certain ballerina lightness, motioning like in a staged dance, her stance pitter-patting with gay abandonment. Within her own intimacy, she discovers herself balancing in between the person Eve was and losing Lilith in the process. At that spur of the moment, can we be certain of what she underwent?

This is a story about the women she knew or perceived, as she peels open the layers one by one, slowly letting the imperative nakedness bloom to the fore, as we discover the hidden meanings of what it is to be a women in society.

Exhibition runs on 14 – 28 April 2019
11am – 7pm daily except Tuesdays and Public Holidays

Opening Reception
3pm – 6pm, 14 April 2019

All are Welcome!

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