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Hey guys, my name’s Eliza and a year ago, I found out I was being watched and recorded in the most private place of all. It got so horrible, the police had to be involved.

You see, I’ve always been a shy person. Out of college, I never thought I would get a job at a marketing agency. So when I got the position I had always wanted, I was ecstatic. I thought it would be an incredible opportunity. But in reality… it was horrible. My superior, Alex, made it obvious he hated me from the get-go. Whenever I made a mistake, he made sure to point it out to everyone. I started to be too anxious to go to work. I knew Alex was going to call me out for some little error I had made. One day, I handed him the wrong file and he told me “to stick to being pretty.” I heard giggles around the office. I rushed out of the room and locked myself in the bathroom. My thoughts were running a million miles an hour. I was so anxious I threw up. Just when I thought my life couldn’t get any worse… I noticed something. A red, blinking light in the toilet. A super tiny camera. I felt my body shivering at the thought of someone watching me.
I had to tell someone. I pulled aside Leah and Matthew, two coworkers who had been nice to me so far. When I explained what I had found, they both turned ghost white…but then Matthew grabbed my wrist. He told me I couldn’t tell anyone because if the company got sued, all of us would be out of jobs. Leah agreed. I realized they were right. If the company got sued, I’d lose my job. If I lost my job…I couldn’t pay rent, I’d be homeless. For the next few weeks, going to the restroom put me on edge. I always checked for cameras, and none had shown up. It seemed like everything was calm, but that’s when Leah pulled me aside. She told me what she was going to show me wasn’t good, but it was something I needed to know.

It was a video of me – of my face and body, in the restroom. I watched the views as they went up…1000….2000…3000… I felt tears running down my face. My naked body was on the internet. Forever. After work, Matthew and Leah helped me find the cameras. This time, they were EVEN tinier, and there were 4 of them. Matthew promised me he’ll find the sicko that did this. For the first time in weeks, I felt safe, even if it was only for a minute. But that night, at home, I felt compelled to look at the video.

I convinced myself it wouldn’t be there anymore. But when I opened the video…it had half a million views. At that moment, my desire to keep my job melted away. I wanted someone to go to jail. I wanted to feel safe at work, safe in the world. So…I stormed to the office at 3 am. I knew everyone kept their laptops at work. The video had been uploaded during work hours, so they had to have done it there.

I found myself at Alex’s desk first. Only a few seconds in, I found THE folder: LITTLECAM1. It was him. It WAS Alex! I took a deep breath and clicked…

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