Top 10 Canadian Candy Bars AMERICA WISHED They Had

List of the top 10 Canadian candy bars America wished they had. Everyone loves candy bars, but these are 10 candy bars you can’t get in America and come from our neighbors in Canada.
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We share many similarities with our neighbors to the north, eh! And our love for candy bars is one. Americans have more choice when it comes to life’s chocolatey little pleasures, but did you know that you can’t find certain Canadian favorites in any US. city? Here are the Top 10 Canadian Candy Bars America Wished They Had.

There are the Canadian chocolate & candy bars we love! Canadians have so many reasons to celebrate and to be proud of their candy world. If you enjoyed this video list of the top 10 Canadian candy bars America wished they had. Comment: #candy #candybars #canadian

0:00 Canadian Candy Bars America Wished They Had
0:26 Mr. Big
2:10 Wunderbar
3:44 Big Turk
5:00 Crispy Crunch
6:26 Crunchie
8:07 Mars Bar
9:22 Bounty
10:46 Aero and Mirage Bar
12:05 Caramilk
13:24 Coffee Crisp

– Made by Cadbury Canada, Mr. Big was originally a Nestlé product licensed by Neilson, which started as a dairy company.
– The secret to a Wunderbar is that it has been engineered to always retain its soft texture no matter what.
– The Big Turk tastes like a cross between berry-flavored candy and chocolate.
– Crispy Crunch is a hard chocolate bar made with a brittle crispy peanut butter flaky center.
– Not to be confused with a Crispy Crunch, the Crunchie bar has a honeycomb toffee center wrapped in milk chocolate.
– The Mars Bar is a no-frills chocolate bar that is packed with a soft creamy nougat and caramel center.
– Manufactured by the Mars Company, Bounty Bars have not been available in America since the mid 90s.
– Aero is a simple, no fuss chocolate bar packed with lots of bubbles. Mirage Chocolate bars are a bit thicker than the Aero bar, and are not segmented, which means more chocolate for the same price.
– The Cadbury Caramilk Chocolate Bar has been around since 1968 and was originally sold in the US, Australia & New Zealand.
– Coffee Crisp contains a coffee-flavored cream, sandwiched between layers of crisp vanilla wafers and coated in milk chocolate.

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