Tribute to Stars of Adult Cinema – Part 17 (Bridgette Monet, Jamie Gillis, Juliet Anderson, Seka)

The boys are back in town! And you don’t need a telescope like Tom Byron to get front row seats to see numerous pretty ladies from the golden age of porn in this 17th episode of Tribute to Stars of Adult Cinema.

You came to the right place to once again check out the sexy and funny clips assembled by LLB Classic Video with the big genre stars Jamie Gillis and John Holmes who bring along the legendary platinum goddess Seka, ravishing brunette Bridgette Monet and blonde Amber Lynn to get the ball rolling. Vanessa del Rio is here too and it’s getting so hot that Lois Ayres needs to take a shower to cool down. But in the end there is pure love … just wait till you meet Richard and Rachel connect.

Fans of directors like Alex DeRenzy, Henri Pachard, Robert McCallum, Bob Chinn, Kemal Horulu or Kirdy Stevens will have a blast seeing some of their work here.

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Who you can see in this video:
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01. John Holmes & Jamie Gillis (Sexual Heights, 1980)
02. Bridgette Monet (Let’s Talk Sex, 1983)
03. Lori Blue & Seka (A Place Beyond Shame, 1980)
04. Annette Haven & Jamie Gillis (Barbara Broadcast, 1977)
05. Sharon Thorpe (All Night Long, 1975)
06. Nina Hartley & Joanna Storm (Pleasure Maze, 1986)
07. Jamie Gillis & Lesllie Bovee (Lustful Feelings, 1977)
08. Angel (Matinee Idol, 1984)
09. Lisa De Leeuw (Mascara, 1983)
10. Jamie Gillis (Lustful Feelings, 1977)
11. Anna Turner (Scoundrels, 1982)
12. Samantha Fox (Her Name Was Lisa, 1979)
13. Gail Force (Tasty, 1985)
14. John Holmes & Jamie Gillis (Sexual Heights, 1980)
15. Jamie Gillis & Mike Horner & Herschel Savage (Showdown, 1985)
16. Amber Lynn (Let’s Get It On, 1987)
17. John Leslie & Seka (F, 1980)
18. Vanessa del Rio & Ashley Moore (Justine, 1980)
19. Carol Connors (Erotic Adventures of Candy, 1978)
20. Lois Ayres (Devil in Miss Jones 3, 1986)
21. Kelly Nichols (Public Affairs, 1983)
22. Bridgette Monet (I Like to Watch, 1982)
23. Tom Byron (Private Teacher, 1983)
24. Juliet Anderson (Taboo, 1980)
25. Tom Byron (Private Teacher, 1983)
26. Candida Royalle & Ken Scudder (Hard Soap Hard Soap, 1977)
27. Lysa Thatcher & Eric Stein & Tawny Pearl & Lisa De Leeuw & Brooke West (Co-ed Fever, 1980)
28. Amber Lynn, Paul Thomas, R Bolla, Rachel Ashley, Jamie Gillis (Corporate Assets, 1985)
29. Paul Thomas (Devil in Miss Jones 4, 1986)
30. Danielle Martin, Amber Lynn (Amber Lynn’s Personal Best, 1986)
31. Copper Penny, George Payne (Scoundrels, 1982)
32. Erica Boyer & Robin Everett (Body Girls, 1983)
33. Jamie Gillis, Desiree Cousteau (The Ecstasy Girls, 1979)
34. Sharon Mitchell (Showdown, 1985)
35. Jonathan John & Olinka Podanny (Virgin and the Lover, 1973)
36. Joanna Storm (Never Sleep Alone, 1984)
37. Brooke West & Desiree West & Seka (Rockin’ with Seka, 1980)
38. Richard Pacheco, Rachel Ashley (Naughty Girls Need Love Too, 1983)

David Holmes (“Lifting the Building”)

Archival Sources:
Command Video
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Vinegar Syndrome

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